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Classic For Kids' Music Games
Classic For Kids'
Music Games

New York Philharmonics Kidszone
New York Philharmonics Kids zone

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site
San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site


Morton Subotnick's Creating Music
Morton Subotnick's Creating Music

Dallas Symphony Kid's Page
Dallas Symphony
Kid's Page


Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall


What's the Instrument
What's the Instrument?

Note From Music and P.E.

All children are expected to wear appropriate shoes for music and music and P.E.. This means that shoes must have a toe and heel. High heels or shoes with thick soles are not suitable. Cowboy boots, snow boots, sandals, flip flops and crocs prevent children from being safe and able to do their best, (Crocs with the strap on the back will be OK in music, but not P.E.). Children may bring these shoes to school and change into appropriate shoes before going to music or P.E. Please help your child follow these guidelines.